Machining of components from raw materials to your specifications and tolerances. Components can be delivered to your required finish.

Our Doorsan 650 CNC milling machine, Doosan Puma 400MB Mill Turn Centre and our Doosan Puma 280M CNC Mill/Turning Centres are some of the most powerful machines in their class.

The 650 is a high-performance milling machine with 4th/5th axis and used for manufacturing complex parts in small-to-medium volumes.

The Doosan Puma 2600LY II is one of the most powerful machines in its class, high metal removal rates, rapid positioning, and fast bi directional turret indexing.

The 280M has a rigid slant bed construction with advanced technology for superior machining of mid to large sized work pieces.

These three additions will increase our machining capabilities and efficiency ratings.

Vertical and Horizontal Milling CapabilitiesBore, Slot and Drill CapabilitiesGrinding CapabilitiesCentre Lathe Turning Capabilities
CNC Turning Capabilities


  • Doosan DNM 650Doosan DNM 650
  • Bridgefords VMN 560Bridgeport VMC 560
  • Bearing boxBearing Box]
  • Armature EndplateArmature Endplate]

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