CNC, Vertical and Horizontal Milling.

The Doosan Puma 650 and Bridgeport machining centres deliver high productivity, accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of 4 and 5 axis machining applications.

Holbro Engineering’s precision CNC vertical and horizontal milling services have been used within a variety of industries. From aircraft components to rail parts, our vertical milling services can accommodate components up to 50″ (1270mm) x 26″ (670mm) x 25″ (655mm). Our facilities features state of the art 3 and 4 axis milling equipment utilizing automation and robotics, and can maintain tolerances to ±0.0005″. Geared towards prototype and low to mid volume, we also work with long-term contracts and provide Just-In-Time (J.I.T.) deliveries, and Kanban programs, as well as rush services.

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Technical Data

Doosan DNM 650

  • X 1270mm
  • Y 670 mm
  • Z 655mm
  • Axis 4 & 5

Bridgeport VMC 560

  • X 540mm
  • Y 410mm
  • Z 480mm
  • Axis 3

Bridgeport VMC 800

  • X 800mm
  • Y 510mm
  • Z 450mm
  • Axis 3

Vertical Quaser MV 184

  • X 1000mm
  • Y 500mm
  • Z 700mm
  • Axis 4 & 1

  • Doosan DNM 650Doosan DNM 650
  • Bridgefords VMN 560Bridgeport VMC 560
  • Bridgeport VMC 800 CNCBridgeport VMC 800 CNC
  • Quaser MV 184Quaser MV 184

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